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Namaqualand Flora & Fauna
bat-eared foxNamaqualand is famous for the beautiful wildflowers and the tremendous variety of succulents which can be seen in the Goegab Nature Reserve, just 15 kilometres from Springbok, or, further south, in the Skilpad Wildflower Reserve. The new Namaqualand National Park near Kamieskroon will protect the Namaqualand flora with its over 3000 species and also rare animals like the bat-eared fox.

Travelling Namaqualand
There are many fascinating routes through our land to choose from. You could track the Old Copper Way, which dates back to the 17th century and follows the trail of Simon van der Stel's copper-seeking expeditions into the hinterland. You will catch a glimpse of the colourful histories of towns and settlements deeply rooted in a mining tradition. Such as Alexander Bay, where, during the 1928 Diamond Rebellion, treasure seekers were prepared to die in a foreign land. Or what about a hiking and biking trip in the Kammies Mountain? We - at Annies's Cottage - will assist and advise you to make Namaqualand an unforgettable experience.
Namaqualand - Gemstone
in the Northern Cape

Namaqualand, the area where the desert wildflowers are seen at their best, is bordered in the south by the small town of Garies, in the east by the arid environs of Pofadder, in the north by the Orange River, the border river between South Africa and Namibia. In the west Namaqualand reaches to the rugged coastline of the Atlantic ocean.

The Pioneers of Namaqualand
The indigenous people of Namaqualand are the Bushmen (San). There were nomadic hunters and gatherers. Then came the Nama (Hottentots) who were nomadic herders. These early people lived by the seasons. The promise of rain after a protracted draught was cause for rejoicing, surpassed only by the rainfall as much as it was for the white explorers who first crossed the Olifants River at Clanwilliam in the 1680s in search for copper, and for the trekkers who ranged north into Namaqualand with their cattle, sheep and goats to join the diamond and copper rush.
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